Sarnia Homestay is an independent contractor working to place interational students in comfortable homes while they are visiting Sarnia as students.

Student fee: $100.00 payable no later than the date of arrival (under special circumstances, this fee may be paid by the foreign institution granting a scholarship or the exchange). Host fee: $100 payable no later than three days before student arrival. 

Cancellation Policy

Our services include the following

  • Interview prospective homestay families, helping them to complete the application process and gathering all of the requirements, like police record checks.
  • Inspecting the houses, and all the rooms.
  • Provide homestay and cultural training.
  • After the interview, there is an internal process on my end, through which I ultimately decide if the homestay candidate is a good fit for the program, and if the needs of our visiting students would be met.
  • When matching a family and a student, various factors have to be taken into account, such as allergies, smoking habits, diet, pets, hobbies, etc.
  • Once students arrive, Sarnia homestay coordinates pick up and drop off times from and to the airport.
  • Sarnia homestay also serves as a liaison between the Canadian family and the students over the period of homestay.
  • ¬†Sarnia homestay mediates interactions and conflict resolution, and is always available for whatever comes up, looking out for the best interests of the students, as well as the homestay family.
  • Sarnia homestay serves also as an incident report record keeper.
  • In order to ensure the homestay experience with the program is positive for both parties, Sarnia homestay has designed and distributed a bilingual booklet for students and homestay families so both sides knows the expectations.
  • Sarnia homestay booklet is updated each semester to ensure it remains relevant and valuable.
  • Sarnia homestay staff monitors the students well-being and talks to them on a regular basis about Canadian customs and other important considerations that ultimately avoid many conflicts, helping them adapt better to Canada, the program, school, buses, culture, etc.
  • Sarnia homestay also completes administrative legwork such as preparing invoices for each family every two weeks, and ensuring they are submitted properly and on time to prevent cheques delays.
  • When the cheques are released, Sarnia homestay notifies the homestay family and arranges pick up method. For the homestay family convenience, Sarnia homestay may deliver cheques to homes if other arrangements are not suitable.