My experience with my homestay family was very pleasant. We became two more daughters of the household. They spoiled us so much! And we know that we will always be welcomed back the home of the lovely Papa George!

Irene (Panama). Class of 2016

When I came here, my homestay house, it was my birthday and today, I had a birthday party with my homestay family. I have stayed here for a year and I think the time goes so fast. Throughout the year, I have had a Canadian mom and dad. They have been like real parents for me. Whenever I have some trouble or problem, they help me like a real daughter. We have a lot of memories because we have experienced four seasons together. So, now they know what I like or dislike. Before I came to Canada, I thought homestay was like renting a room but after staying here, I am aware that homestay means family. My Canadian parents don’t write some rules on the paper. They give me freedom. That’s why I am careful of my acting or doing by myself. They said they had given me freedom because I had done well but I think I have tried to do well for them because they have given me freedom. There is trust and love between my homestay family and me.

Lucy (South Korea). Class of 2016

My experience with my homestay host was so wonderful. For me it was a gift of God to be able to share moments with Shelley and her children. From the moment I arrived to her house they made me feel like su casa was mi casa also. Yes, this is what she made us feel. She was kind, attentive, and a joyous and fun person. She is now my second mom!

Benita (Panama). Class of 2015

We had a party with friend’s host family and friends. We really enjoyed it and also they were so kind. I think every family who lives in Sarnia has a lot of kindness and happiness. Also we could meet other nationalities in school and could meet good people here. In school there were many good volunteers and many activities so we could practice our English more and make great relationships.
During the winter season, we could play ice-hockey with our homestay family and our friends. It was a lot of fun and interesting. I think playing ice hockey is a very good exercise and a good chance to know it. There is few activities in Korea which are connected with ice hockey but in Canada especially in Sarnia, we could play more and make good memories than in other cities. Actually I lived in Toronto for 2 months but there was no real interaction between foreigners homestay family there because there were many Koreans in Toronto so I used Korean more than English. If you come to Sarnia, I’m sure that you can practice English more and make many memories with homestay family. I think it is better to choose Sarnia.

Jun (South Korea). Class of 2015

My Canadian parents! These wonderful people marked my life with love and care. What a wonderful culture the food, language, the places around Sarnia, Ontario and the Trinity Anglican church. All of them gave us a beautiful welcome and the last day was so sad because I was not going to see them again… Thanks to Dolores for her dedicated job. She was always there offering advice and help so that everybody felt happy. I spent an unforgettable and wonderful time in Canada. With love and thanks.

Cynthia (Panama). Class of 2016